About Us

Greetings and welcome to Doraemon X APK, the best place to play an immersive and interactive game with Doraemon, the well-known robotic cat from Japan.

Our Journey

Doraemon X APK was first a tiny effort driven by a group of ardent Doraemon fans who wanted to make the magical world of Doraemon accessible to fans all around the world. Our passion for this robotic, blue-and-white cat, his enchanted equipment, and the adventures that take place in the sleepy village of Tokyo’s Nerima Ward inspired us to develop a platform that would allow everyone to experience Doraemon’s world via mobile devices.

Our Vision

We at Doraemon X APK picture a world in which everyone, anywhere, can experience the happiness and nostalgia of Doraemon. We are committed to removing obstacles that prevent anime lovers from delighting in the adventures of their beloved characters. Our goal is to establish a community where people can come together to play games, tell stories, and believe in the magic of Doraemon’s “anywhere door,” which opens up many possibilities.

Connect with Us

We are always available to assist and listen. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to express how excited you are about Doraemon. Use our contact page or social media accounts to get in touch with us.